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Close up of flat knit Graduated Compression Garments for leg lymphedema, edema and lipedem

Compression Garments

These elasticized fabrics also referred to as pressure garments, are designed to control the pressure in different parts of the body to help move lymph in a direction that avoids building up. Health care professionals will recommend wearing garment all day to manage your condition at every stage of lymphedema.

Arm Sleeve

Compression arm sleeves are intended to keep lymph moving out of the arm by using a gradient pressure, that is designed to be tighter at the bottom than they are at the top in order to bring down or maintain swelling.

Gauntlets & Gloves

In some cases, you may be suggested to wear a glove/gauntlet alongside the arm compression sleeve to avoid lymphedema in the hand. This is sometimes precautionary until we see how your body adapts to the arm sleeve.

Knee High Stockings

Compression stockings at knee high length are recommended to prevent or manage symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency in the feet and legs. These garments apply strong but breathable compression to pump fluid from the feet back towards the body to reduce leg swelling related to long periods of sitting or standing.

Thigh High Stockings

When varicose veins and swelling are present above the knee, then a thigh-high style will be recommended as a practical choice. Because the garment covers the entire leg, means that the garment isn’t localized to only the feet or calves but instead covers the hamstrings and quadriceps. The more skin covered, the greater your results will be in preventing the appearance of veins without having surgery.

Pantyhose Stockings

Pantyhose compression stockings offer the added benefit of light back support and abdominal shaping, making it an ideal garment to be worn underneath clothing. To avoid uncomfortable binding around the waist, manufactures offer wider waistbands or adjustable waistbands to provide a comfortable level of breathing room.

Foot Caps

Foot caps are a customizable “glove” used primarily for lymphedema patients who suffer from swelling in the instep, the forefoot, and the toes. This slip-on design makes it a simple donning option rather than wrapping each toe individually. They can be worn under compression stockings or customized to be sewn into a stocking as a one-piece garment.


Compression vest are designed to provide compression for the total trunk of the body, including underarm (axilla), breast, shoulder, back, hips and abdomen. Those who have chest and breast lymphedema related to breast cancer surgery or other conditions will find compression vest helpful in the healing process

  • Optional sleeves/sleeveless with or without zippers and hooks for easy donning due to limited mobility for both men and women

  • Breast-contouring compression vest for women, that can include pockets for breast prosthesis

Face/Chin/Neck Garments

People who undergo surgical procedures for the head or neck may be required to use compression wear to encourage proper healing. We provide custom garment to help prevent the buildup of lymphatic fluid in the affected areas of the head, jaw, and neck.

Getting The Right Fit 

All compression garments are fitted to each person, some may be ready-made others may be custom. Regardless, having a properly fitted garment is important when living with lymphedema. An improperly fitted sleeve can make lymphedema worse by placing too much or too little pressure on certain areas of the limb — which can cause fluid backup to worsen.

  • Most garments can be customized to your liking, unless ready-made garments work for you

  • We specialize in measuring a variety of materials that ranges between soft and stiff depending on one's need and preference (e.g. Circular knit and flat knit compression garments)

  • Some garments come in various patterns or colours to choose from 

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